How much will it cost me is like asking how long is a piece of rope? However here are some guidlines for calculating your expenses.

ENTRY FEE This rally has NO entry fee. There is a 75 Euro administrative fee that will give you access passes and stickers for the challenge.


FUEL This really depends on the vehicle that you are driving. Calculate how much fuel your car consumes on 12,000 kilometers. Take 12,000 divide it by 100, mulitply it by your car’s fuel consumption on 100 kilometers and multiply that by 1 Euro. Add 15% for safety. So if your car consumes 10 liters of fuel on 100kms the math looks like this: 12,000km/100 x 10 x 1 Euro = 1200 Euro + 15% = 1380 Euro.  A liter of petrol/diesel costs about 1Euro along the way on avarage. Some countries are more expensive than others.


LODGING  If you are doing this on a tight budget, consider spending 4-5 nights a week in a tent sleeping for free in the bush and the other 2-3 nights in a cheap/moderately priced hotel. Lodging for the month 240-360 Euros. 


FOOD Calculate as much as you’d spend on food at home. If you spend 15Euros a day then calculate 450 Euros for the month.


MECHANICS + BRIBES You should allocate 500-1000Euros for mechanic and bribe reserves.Sometimes a little “gift” can perform miracles in Africa.


VISAS + PLANE TICKETS + SHOTS Visas cost an avarage of 30Euros. Check which countries you need visas to. You need to spend about 100Euros on injections and malaria medicine. You will also need to get a return ticket from Capetown, unless you want to drive back


So for a 2 person team with a small vehicle the budget should be around 4200Euros without a return plane ticket. Divide that by two and you’ll get 2100 Euros per person. That’s about $2800 US. But don’t take our word for it. We haven’t done the challenge yet. The costs listed here are from Northern Morocco to Capetown.

Saving the world was easy. Saving $2800 seems like a tougher challenge for Superman.

Saving the world was easy. Saving $2800 seems like a tougher challenge for Superman.


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  1. Nicky says:

    And we need Carnnet du Pasage for wich countryes?

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